Participation and the Museum

Lectures and presentations held during Workshop

During the workshop Being visitors - Becoming producers there were four lectures and student presentations held in the Museum of World Culture - including speeches from every University taking part in the project: University of Hildesheim, University in Oslo, MOME, Reinwardt Academy.

The lectures were regarding the issue of participation in the landscape of museums, highlighting different points of view. They covered participation in terms of pop(ular) culture, showing a variety of examples from different museums and outlining the history, further trends and future thoughts of participatory strategies.

The student presentations point out the final results of the workshop and were held in front of the museum staff and interested public at the last day of the programme.


Stefan Krankenhagen: Prosumers, Likers and Do-It-Yourselfers - Sketching a Geneology of Participatory Culture

Léontine Meijer-van Mensch: The Participation Paradigm and Museum work

Gabor Ebli: Participatory Art and Museums in Eastern Europe

Saphinaz Amal Naguib: Modes of Participation at the Museum

students about the exhibition topic "glocalization"

students about "bringing back the object"

students about the exhibition topic "time"

students about the exhibition topic "together"

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