Participation and the Museum

International Workshop Gothenborg

By cooperating with the Museum of World Culture Gothenburg as an associate partner in 2013, the IP offers postgraduate students the possibility to engage in existing challenges that the cultural sector faces today and to present their findings as an open seminar for museum staff, partners and the public alike.
The aim is to make visible that cultural content today is both transnational framed and dependent on the knowledge production of its visitors – which is again a highly diverse target group of international tourists, of new audiences with migrant backgrounds, of connoisseurs as well as school children.
Hence, we contend that the ongoing cultural practice of audience participation inspires innovate learning subjects and methods on various levels. Participative strategies have enhanced in such ways that participation itself has become a model for cultural self-understanding.
Whereas media studies in general are interested exclusively on what is called ‘media creators’ our project will address the outcomes of participation as a catalyst for ‘non-expert’ or ‘new-expert’ knowledge production. Especially museums in their endeavor to promoting social cohesion are more and more positioning themselves as arena for debates treating actual controversial social and political issues by integrating the multiple histories of various minorities within a greater transnational history. As the means of including a broader audience become more and more accepted in the fields of museums, the arts and the media, transdiciplinary theoretical and methodological approaches seldom enter teaching and learning arenas.
Furthermore, the topic remains a Northern and Central European phenomenon. It is still to be incorporated and challenged by cultural actors and institutions of South and Eastern Europe.


Video Documentary

Interview with Klas Grinell - Curator of Världskulturmuseet

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