Participation and the Museum


After a warm welcoming introduction from the director, two curators and one educator of the museum, giving us a tour through the exhibitions, the international group of students started talking about the different topics they could be working on in the following two weeks.

Due to the plan of changing the family exhibition until 2015, the Världkulturmuseet suggested three possible topics to work on: Time, Borders and Together. They also came up to us asking questions like: How can we bring back the objects into the museum space? Them being hidden away in the archives and the museum always being at the ravages of time doing exhibitions concerning current global issues describes the biggest query the museum is dealing with. The ethnographical collection with objects from all over the world is the base, the outstanding gain the museum has to offer and the biggest concern of the museum at once.

How do we make people come, stay for a long time and participate? This was another question we dealed with being visitors becoming producers ourselfes. Once these topics were out on the table the Världkulturmuseet invited us to be creative, productive and participate in their discussions. They gave us a frame and playground that we were more than happy to exploit.

Thus we started our group work splitting up in four groups of divers interests: Time, Together, Glocalization and Objects. The following articles are giving general ideas these group came up with during two weeks of intensive work.

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