Participation and the Museum

Four universities - one museum

The University of Hildesheim (contact: Prof. Stefan Krankenhagen) will contribute specifically with its experience to conceptualize and conduct transdisciplinary project-work that mediates between reflecting culture and doing culture. It is, together with the associated partner the Museum of World Culture (contact: Dr. Klas Grinell), responsible for framing and initializing the learning process. The University in Oslo (contact: Prof. Saphinaz Amal-Naguib), Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, adds its enhanced knowledge about the inclusion of new audiences and, specifically by addressing the issue of migration as a future issue of representation strategies in museums and exhibitions. MOME (contact: Dr. Gábor Ébli), the Art University in Budapest is among the leading Universities in its field. As the project focuses on participation as a social and aesthetic phenomenon, MOME will strengthen the latter perspective, enabling the students to play with creative solutions for the cultural sector. The Reinwardt Academy (contact: Léontine Meijer-van Mensch) in Amsterdam, finally, has been one of the places in Europe that initialized sound theoretical and methodological perspectives on the subject of participation. Hence, it will be specifically responsible for theoretical and methodological input on the general level. As the issue of audience participation and the new production of knowledge will be a major subject for the understanding of future cultural activities in Europe, Being Visitors – Becoming Producers is designed to enable the students to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in this emerging field.

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